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Avril Lavigne confirms 20th-anniversary reissue of ‘Let Go’

Canadian pop-punk icon Avril Lavigne has confirmed that she will release a 20th-anniversary edition of her debut album Let Go.

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Lavigne shared her thoughts on the 20th anniversary of the album, commenting that a reissue would be coming in the near future.

When asked how she feels about the anniversary, she said: “It feels crazy. 20 years! It does and it doesn’t feel like it… it kinda flew by, right? I’m really excited to be celebrating it this year.”

She continued: “I’m getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame around the anniversary. I’m planning on doing some fun shows that are just songs from that album. There’s a re-release of the album happening with some demos on it. It’s so crazy that it’s been 20 years.”

Last year, she revealed that she intended to turn her 2002 hit song ‘Sk8er Boi’ into a film. At the time, the singer said that the song’s story about a “missed opportunity at love” would be explored in a movie, but didn’t confirm if she had anything confirmed by film production companies yet.

In the Uproxx interview, Lavigne provided some updates. “I love how much people still really bring that song up,” she said. “I love how warmly everybody still feels toward it. It’s a really special thing, and unique, to have a song that really stands out. I have a lot of big songs, but that one, everyone seems to resonate with.”

“It’s taken on… it’s insane to see a whole new generation discovering music of mine twenty years later. It’s pretty unbelievable. But the song is going to take a new life of its own as I turn it into a film, I’m in the process of doing that now. I have a writer and a director at the moment, and I’m producing it and assembling a team right now.”

Lavigne recently released her seventh album Love Sux, which is now available on Travis Barker’s label DTA Records. 

Listen to ‘Bite Me’ from Avril Lavigne’s new album below.