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(Credit: Instagram / narinearakelianofficial)


Artist selling one of her eggs as boundary-pushing NFT

This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach was a huge event. Featuring some of the biggest names in the creative world, it saw the final show by the late fashion icon, Virgil Abloh, which was understandably the glamorous event’s biggest talking point. Aside from this, a lot of attention was paid to the fact that this year’s fair saw a proliferation of NFTs go up for sale. 

Non-fungible tokens are now the hottest prospect in the creative world. This year has seen a huge amount of stars get in on the game including Grimes, Halsey and even Paris Hilton. Showing just how far the impact of NFTs goes, the Grammy Awards have also announced their own set for next year’s edition. 

The digital art phenomenon is indicative of the direction society and culture is heading in given the total dominance of the internet. One would argue that it is the latest step in furthering society’s dependence on the internet as a creative tool. 

One NFT that stood out at Art Basel Miami Beach was that of artist Narine Arakelian. As part of her artwork ‘Love, Hope, Live’, she’s branched into the world of blockchain-linked technology. Riffing on the ‘Live’ part of her artwork, her NFT includes a contract that promises one of her eggs to the buyer.

Arakelian has set her NFT up for good reason. She wants the buyer of her product to be a couple and use her egg to conceive a child. “My artworks are all my children and the fact this one will actually produce a child is wonderful,” she told Page Six. “The art will always mean so much to the buyer because it brought them their child! It will always carry that special memory”.

Taking art to the next level, she explained that “the child will be a child once they are born, not a piece of art”. A huge step for art, we wonder what other life-changing NFTs will be released over the next few years.

Watch some footage from Art Basel Miami Beach below.