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Miramax to sue Quentin Tarantino over 'Pulp Fiction' NFTs


If you’re still struggling to get your head around the strange world of NFTs, fear not, you’re not alone, with the digital assets enjoying an abrupt rise to cultural prominence in the past six months. Essentially unique works of art that are seen as a long-term investment. Standing for ‘non-fungible token’, an NFT is a one of a kind item that can’t be replaced by something else, with Quentin Tarantino among many others auctioning off several pieces of movie memorabilia as lucrative NFTs. 

Having auctioned off several uncut scenes from Pulp Fiction as non-fungible tokens, Tarantino released a statement at the time that read: “I’m excited to be presenting these exclusive scenes from Pulp Fiction to fans. Secret Network and Secret NFTs provide a whole new world of connecting fans and artists and I’m thrilled to be a part of that”. 

Whilst the filmmaker may have been “excited” to start the project, no doubt his enthusiasm has been muddied by Miramax who filed a lawsuit against the director over his plans to auction off the content. The entertainment company stated that Quentin Tarantino planned to violate the copyright that Miramax holds over the 1994 film. 

As reported by AP News, Miramax’s lawsuit reads, “Tarantino’s conduct has forced Miramax to bring this lawsuit against a valued collaborator in order to enforce, preserve, and protect its contractual and intellectual property rights relating to one of Miramax’s most iconic and valuable film properties”.

Continuing, the legal document reads, “Left unchecked, Tarantino’s conduct could mislead others into believing Miramax is involved in his venture. And it could also mislead others into believing they have the rights to pursue similar deals”. 

In addition, the lawsuit asks a judge to forbid the sale of NFTs for Miramax owned copyrighted properties and also asks Quentin Tarantino to be ordered to pay legal fees. 

Pulp Fiction was the cultural sensation that put Quentin Tarantino on the map, starring the likes of John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Tim Roth and Harvey Keitel.