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(Credit: Tom Rose / Alamy)


Arctic Monkeys announce new tour date with Father John Misty

Arctic Monkeys fans can rejoice: The boys are performing another date in Colombia. The band posted details of the concert on their social media, with Father John Misty acting as their support. The show will take place on November 9th, and details of tickets are set to follow.

The band released their most recent album in 2018, an album that proved to be a strong departure from the propulsive production design of their 2013 effort, AM. The Sheffield outfit are determined to change up expectations the media holds on the band, something drummer Matt Helders was only too happy to point out in a recent interview.

“It kinda like picks up where the other one [Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino] left off musically,” Helders said. “I mean, it’s never gonna be like [2012 ‘AM’ single] ‘R U Mine?’ and all that stuff again, you know, the heavy riffs and stuff. But there are riffs in there and [it’s] a bit more up-tempo, even though it’s not loud,” he added. “It’s hard to explain!”

The band are originally from Sheffield, and although their lyrics are quintessentially British, the band have accrued a wide fanbase that spans continents, generations and global audiences. Father John Misty is an American artist, who previously collaborated with Fleet Foxes as a percussion player. Father John Misty has also worked in close collaboration with mainstream artists such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi, and Post Malone.

Father John Misty released his most recent album, Chloë and the Next 20th Century, in April 2022. It was regarded by audiences to be more hopeful and optimistic in tone compared to the more harrowing efforts of the other albums. Father John Misty’s real name is Josh Tilman and he released a series of albums under his birth name before he made the decision to transition into his current form and moniker.

The last album released under the J.Tilman name was Singing Ax, which he claimed he did little to no promotion for. Instead, he posted it on the Western Vinyl page, and let the album’s worth carry it from that point onwards. Since 2010, he has been Father John Misty.

See details of the show, below.