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(Credit: Will Butler / Merge Records)


Arcade Fire's Will Butler has released a new teaser from his second solo album


Will Butler from Arcade Fire has shared another gem from his upcoming second solo album.

Butler is set to release the follow-up to his 2015 debut Policy when he shares sophomore effort Generations on September 25th via Merge. Following the release of the self-directed video for ‘Surrender’, Butler has now shared the excellent ‘Close My Eyes’.

“My first record, Policy, was a book of short stories. Generations is more of a novel — despairing, funny, a little bit epic,” Butler explained in a statement.

“A big chunk of this record is asking: What’s my place in American history? What’s my place in America’s present? Both in general — as a participant, as we all are, in the shit that’s going down — but, also extremely particularly: me as Will Butler, rich person, white person, Mormon, Yankee, parent, musician of some sort, I guess,” Butler previously said about the upcoming record.

On ‘Close My Eyes’, Butler said: “I tried to make the lyrics a straightforward and honest description of an emotion I feel often – a drive for change coupled with despair: ‘I’m tired of waiting for a better day. But I’m scared and I’m lazy and nothing’s gonna change.”

“Kind of a sad song. Trying to tap into some Smokey Robinson/Motown feeling—’I’ve got to dance to keep from crying’,” he added.

Check out the latest effort from the Arcade Fire man, below.