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(Credit: L’Epee)

Anton Newcombe's new band, L’Epee, announce debut album

L’Epee, the new project of Anton Newcombe and Emmanuelle Seigner, have announced the release of their debut album Diabolique.

Combining the talents of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Newcombe with the cinematic femme fatale Emmanuelle Seigner of The Limiñanas, L’Epee have combined the album news with their single ‘The Last Picture Show’.

“We are living in very culturally insular times, so it feels really good to be swimming against the tide,” says Newcombe of the band’s bi-lingual, cross-continental approach. “There’s something really positive about branching out, collaborating and taking risks.”

“It came to me in a dream,” Newcombe explains. “I woke up and there it was, ‘The Sword’. Someone told me there had already been a band with that name so I flipped it into French. It suits the band because we’re united in a common cause.” 

The record is attempting to blend elements of garage rock with pop noir, successfully combining inspirations pulled from cinema with lyrics the approach current societal issues. “It’s the combination of the four of us which makes it work,” says Seigner.

“I’ve been waiting for these people all my life.” 

Here’s the lead single: