Photo by Thierry Garcia

French duo The Limiñanas share new single ‘Prisunic’ alongside album news

French duo The Limiñanas have announced the news that they plan to release their new album Malamore on April 22nd.

As for their previous albums, Marie is on drums and vocals and Lionel on guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals. But this album also features a stable of guests, the most notable being Peter Hook, who adds bass and chorus vocals on the hypnotic and dreamy ‘Garden Of Love’, the first single off the album.

On the cover of their new album Malamore, their first for Because Music, Lionel and Marie Limiñanas are back in black and looking as though they just walked straight out of a Tarantino flick.

The band have now shared a new track, ‘Prisunic’. Faithful to their cinematic approach to songwriting, ‘Prisunic’ exposes a game of seduction set in the supermarket aisles of a bygone era.

And here it is, Far Out’s Track of the Day, ‘Pirsunic’:

To save you the Google search, here’s the aforementioned track ‘Garden Of Love’, featuring Peter Hook.

A Track of the Day double-whammy? You lucky thing.

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