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(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Angelina Jolie named her favourite film role of all time

Angelina Jolie is one of the biggest icons of her generations, known for her fantastic performances in wide-ranging projects such as the Lara Croft films as well as Girl, Interrupted among others. In recent years, Jolie has paid more attention to her duties as a humanitarian activist and has travelled to multiple countries in order to contribute to the efforts.

It was her journey as an actor that led her to this path, especially because she saw the conditions of Cambodia when she went to film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Last year, she co-wrote a book titled Know Your Rights: and Claim Them which explains the fundamental human rights of individuals aged under 18.

Talking about her motivation to write the book, Jolie explained: “I’ve met too many children who live with the effect of their rights being violated – displaced people, young rape victims. I couldn’t understand why they were still fighting for basic things that were their rights to begin with. It made me very angry. How are we going to solve anything if we’re not addressing that, right?”

Adding, “You meet little kids, see the promises made, the efforts made, the trust given, see everything, then you track them being put on trucks to be sent back, and you track them back in Kabul, and at school, and you get a sense of the pain and fear and death and the horror and the betrayal and the trauma.”

Alongside these efforts, Jolie has tried to maintain her film career by making occasional appearances in films like Those Who Wish Me Dead. She also played a part in the Marvel project Eternals which came out last year and received a mixed reception from fans and audiences because it diverted from Marvel’s formula of success.

Although she has done some interesting acting work in the last few years, it is her earlier work that still remains firmly embedded in the minds of fans who have followed Jolie’s trajectory over the course of decades. For the actress, there is one particular role that she considers to be her favourite and it came in the 2007 film A Mighty Heart.

Directed by Michael Winterbottom, A Mighty Heart is actually an adaptation of the real account of the kidnapping of journalist Daniel Pearl by the supporters of Omar Sheik and it stars Jolie as Pearl’s wife Marianne. Jolie said it was her top pick “because I loved Marianne, and Brad [Pitt] produced it, and I think it was a well-done film about something that matters.”

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