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(Credit: Kylie Coutts)


Angel Olsen's cover of 1930s classic 'I'll Be Seeing You'


Angel Olsen may well be one of the most gifted singer-songwriters around right now but that doesn’t mean she can’t work her way around a cover too. One of the finest arts is being able to express another’s emotion and when the song comes from almost one hundred years ago, it’s a feat that becomes even more inspiring.

Olsen’s cover of the classic 1940s track ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ a track which was later popularised by covers from Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and many more esteemed singers. It may well be an iconic song but not one you’d necessarily align with Olson. But, as ever, we’d be dead wrong to assume.

The singer shared the track via Instagram saying in the caption: “Working on some covers, some expected, some not.” She also added that ‘Ill Be Seeing You’ had been particularly special for Olsen, stating: “This one’s been close to the heart lately.”

The performance from Olsen is also impressive visually as well as sonically. Drenched in shadow, Olsen lets go a stellar performance of the iconic track. It’s also a performance which showcases the timelessness of Olsen’s appeal.

As well as the performance, Olsen offered up some extra reading for those interested in her favourite blues singer Mildred Bailey. A comparatively unknown singer, Olsen tells her fans some tracks to look out for saying, “She had three singles that made number one on the popular charts.”

Watch Angel Olsen perform ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ below: