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Angel Olsen covers George Harrison song ‘Beware of Darkness’

American singer-songwriter Angel Olsen has taken to social media to deliver a delicate cover of George Harrison’s 1970 song ‘Beware of Darkness’.

The track, which featured on the former Beatle’s now-iconic album All Things Must Pass, is famously part of a small collection of songs Harrison created after being heavily influenced by the Radha Krishna Temple, well known as the International Society for Krishna Consciousness of which Harrison was closely aligned.

Harrison’s devotion to spirituality is well documented and, in ‘Beware of Darkness’, the musician uses his lyrical content to warn against negative thoughts and the impact they can have on life. While Harrison urges positivity, his quick wit and lyrical flamboyancy come to the fore as he points the finger at a number of figures that can are ‘corrupting influences’. The former Beatle warns against con men with his “soft shoe shuffler” line, brands celebrity level pop stars as “falling swingers” and, more obviously, urges listeners to avoid prominent politicians with his “greedy leaders” line.

Gaining notoriety in the years that followed its release, Harrison’s song would be reworked by a number of different high profile names such as Spock’s Beard, Concrete Blonde, Eric Clapton, Marianne Faithfull and more. Now, Angel Olsen adds her name to that list.

“The original is pretty great. I’m just messing around like a tired sad shit,” Olsen wrote in an accompanying caption. “Words are good too,” she added before detailing Harrison’s lyrics.

See the cover, below.

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The original is pretty great. I’m just messing around like a tired sad shit Words are good too: “Watch out now, take care Beware of falling swingers Dropping all around you The pain that often mingles In your fingertips Beware of darkness Watch out now, take care Beware of the thoughts that linger Winding up inside your head The hopelessness around you In the dead of night Beware of sadness It can hit you It can hurt you Make you sore and what is more That is not what you are here for Watch out now, take care Beware of soft shoe shufflers Dancing down the sidewalks As each unconscious sufferer Wanders aimlessly Beware of Maya Watch out now, take care Beware of greedy leaders They take you where you should not go While Weeping Atlas Cedars They just want to grow, grow and grow Beware of darkness”

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