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(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Andy Serkis uses Gollum to criticise Putin's invasion of Ukraine


Known as one of the slimmest, most devious cinematic characters of all time, Gollum, has bizarrely given his view on modern politics as Andy Serkis revived his Lord of the Rings role during his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

Criticising the Russian invasion of Ukraine in a way only Serkis could, whilst demonstrating his voice work on The Lord of the Rings audiobook, he gave an impression of Gollum that took aim at the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Gollum was on this side and Sméagol was on this side,” Serkis explained in the interview, gesturing to either side of the microphone. The actor then proceeded to play out a short skit in which his character embodied the mind of Putin, exclaiming, “We wants it. We needs it. We must have Kyiv!, No Precious, they’re to impose sanctions! Sanctions? Sanctions, my Precious? If they do anything, we’re going to give them s**t back”.

The short satirical skit hits back at the Russian President who decided to invade the neighbouring nation Ukraine on February 24th, with the countries having cut diplomatic ties with each other as a result of the senseless act of violence.

The political act of violence has sparked outrage from across the world, with several musicians and actors also voicing their disgust. Elton John was one of many to talk about the matter, saying he was “heartbroken” over the “nightmare” that Ukraine was facing, revealing his thoughts in a passionate post on Instagram.

Take a look at the interview between Andy Serkis, Stephen Colbert, Gollum and Sméagol, below.