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Paul McCartney shares message of unity with Ukraine


Paul McCartney has offered up a voice of support to Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues to blight the country and bring untold tragedy to its civilians. 

The 79-year-old musician took to Independence Square in 2008 and yielded at Ukraine flag at the gig. In his message, he reflected on this moment as he offered up a show of solidarity

The former Beatle took to Twitter, shared a picture from the 2008 show and accompanied it with the message: “Remembering playing for our friends in Ukraine in Independence Square in 2008 and thinking of them in these difficult times. We send our love and support.”

He then continued to share links to the charities UNICEF, Save the Children UK and British Red Cross — all organisations assisting in bringing much-needed humanitarian aid to the civilians.

Elsewhere, his former ‘Fab Four’ bandmate Ringo Starr also offered up a more philosophical take on things by asking, “Why do we only rest in peace? Why don’t we live in peace too?” 

Many musicians and artists have offered messages of solace and solidarity to Ukraine. Paul McCartney has very rarely been openly political, but based on the comments on his post, his supportive offering has brought some solace, no matter how small, to the beleaguered citizens.

What’s more, we can all follow the charitable lead he has provided and offer what we can to assist those in need during this troubled time.