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(Credit: Atiba Jefferson)


American Football share new song 'Rare Symmetry'

American Football - 'Rare Symmetry'

In tandem with a new cover of Mazzy Star’s dream-pop classic ‘Fade Into You’, American Football have shared a brand new single, ‘Rare Symmetry’.

Featuring Miya Folick on guest vocals, the cover will be released as a 10″ vinyl through Polyvinyl. Alongside ‘Rare Symmetry’, the song serves as one of American Football’s final offerings with their original drummer and Trumpeter, Steve Lamon, who founded the band with the Kinsella Brothers and Steve Holmes.

Opening with a shimmer and quickly exploding into a tight-knit web of echo-laden vibraphone and interlaced guitars, ‘Rare Symmetry’ pulsates with the same motoric energy that came to define tracks like ‘Never Meant’ from the outfit’s self-titled 1999 debut.

‘Rare Symmetry’ sees Steve Lamos determined to go out with a bang. The snap of his snare is precise to an almost inhuman extent, mathematical in its exactitude. As Mike Kinsella sing: “Poor Jane Doe/ I honestly don’t know/ where you are/ I searched every room/ It was only echoes” and the track begins to unfold from its neat centre point, Lamos allows his stride to collapse under the weight of crushing guitar lines, only to reemerge with the clamour of thrashing cymbals. ‘Rare Symmetry’ truly is a testament to the near-telekinetic dynamic that the American Football members have formed during their time together.

The group’s rendition of ‘Fade Into You’ honours Mazzy Star’s original chord progressions while heightening the track’s intoxicating tranquillity with shades of bubbling modular synth and hazy slide guitar. While Miya Folick’s paper-thin vocals could easily have been lost amid the churn of ambience floating around the mix, they easily cut through the mix, folding into the sound of Lamos’ trumpet as the cover reaches towards its inevitable climax.

Both releases follow American Football’s headline performance at the Covid-19 relief festival they held from within Minecraft last year, an event that saw the band’s 1999 track ‘Stay Home’ take on a whole new resonance as the members performed from the comfort of their own homes. Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic struck just a year after the release of the band’s third full-length studio album, American Football (LP3, which came out in 2019. This latest release contains all the warmth you would expect of a band looking back to their earliest years, and serves as a fitting tribute to Steve Lamos as he makes his exit.

Make sure you check out both ‘Rare Symmetry’ and ‘Fade Into You’ below.