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(Credit: Atiba Jefferson)


American Football to headline virtual coronavirus relief festival set in Minecraft


American Football are set to headline a coronavirus relief festival and the event will be hosted within the prism of the computer game Minecraft.

Open Pit is hosting the virtual music festival on Saturday, April 11th all within the world of Minecraft. The event is called Nether Meant after the famous anthem by their headliner American Football and is also set to feature the likes of Anamanaguchi, Baths, HANA, and more. Nether Meant takes place in a fictional space called Elsewither, which is based on the Brooklyn venue Elsewhere, with the venue working alongside Open Pit to create this space.

American Football’s Mike Kinsella said in a statement: “I’m looking forward to (finally) being able to prove to my seven-year-old son that I do, indeed, have a job.”

They have revealed how viewers can watch within the special stream from the game or if you don’t want to join in the game itself, you can watch along on Twitch with the steam beginning at 6pm Eastern. VIP passes to the concert, which offers ‘special VIP areas in-game’ and in-game merch are also available with all proceeds from the VIP passes will go to Good360’s COVID–19 relief efforts.

This isn’t the first time that Open Pit has thrown concerts within Minecraft with them previously hosting events such as the cleverly named Coalchella, Firefest, and Mine Gala.

The ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease was first officially identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei in China. As of April 6th, more than 1,276,732 cases of COVID-19 have been officially confirmed but the actual number is thought to be much higher due to substantial under-reporting of cases.

With more than 69,529 people having died from the virus, COVID-19 has now spread into more than 180 other countries—including mainland Europe, South America and many more. Given the exponential growth in cases in countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the UK, the WHO stated that Europe became the epicentre of the pandemic after the strict lockdown in China saw reduced numbers. Now, however, as the virus continues to spread aggressively across The United States—who have more confirmed cases than any other country—the epicentre of coronavirus is expected to be officially changed to North America.