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Amber Heard’s lawyer gives details of alleged assaults by Johnny Depp


Amber Heard’s lawyer has alleged that Johnny Depp dragged her around by the hair and punched and kicked her all during a three-day blackout in Australia. Heard’s legal team allege that the assault was so violent it resulted in the star having chunks of hair missing. 

These latest accusations have come to light as part of Depp’s defamation suit against Heard. He is currently seeking $50 million in damages after Heard alleged that she was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Depp in an op-ed article for the Washington Post.

As the jury attempts to ascertain whether her claims were true, further accusations are likely to be thrown back and forth in the coming weeks as the grisly details of their troubled relationship unfurl. For instance, during the initial proceedings, a picture was said to show Amber Heard’s poo on the bedsheet of the Pirates of the Caribbean star as she aired her grievances. 

This was once more used in Depp’s defence during the current trial as his own legal team argued that Heard was, in fact, the violent perpetrator in their tumultuous marriage. Depp’s team claimed he would often lock himself in the bathroom out of fear during their relationship. 

However, Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft, claimed: “She loved the side of Johnny that we see in the movies, the charismatic one, the charming one, the generous one, that’s the man she fell in love with.”

Continuing: “But sadly, the monster came in the way. And that monster would come out when he was drinking and when he would take the drugs.”

Much of the focus on the first day of the trial was on one single three-day period in Australia where this aforementioned side of their relationship came to the fore. Depp’s team argued that at one point Heard hurled a Vodka bottle off him, severing a segment of his finger. Whereas, Heard’s team argued that it was a self-inflicted wound. 

At the current stage, we are of course no closer to finding the truth on the matter, but further details will no doubt come to light in the coming days. 

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