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Amber Heard recalls fight with Johnny Depp after Met Gala


In the continued testimony of Amber Heard in the defamation trial between herself and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Heard has been tearfully describing the moment Depp allegedly hit her. 

“I will never forget it. It changed my life,” she said at the trial, explaining on Thursday, May 5th her volatile relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor which occasionally resulted in violent outbursts between the pair. 

In the testimony, Heard stated that Depp punched her and broke her nose following the 2014 Met Gala. Recalling the event, she told the court: “At the Met Gala, he was accusing me of flirting with a woman. We get back to the hotel room, he shoves me and grabs my collarbone. I remember he threw a bottle at me, missed me, hit the chandelier”, as reported by the New York Post.

Following this, Johnny Depp then allegedly punched Heard, with the actor thinking she’d broken her nose, explaining: “We were struggling, he’s bigger than me. He hit me, I remember my nose being swollen, red. I made a remark to my friend of how bad”.

The event in subject joins many that Amber Heard has testified, telling the jury that her relationship with Depp became increasingly more abusive following their marriage in 2015. “It was complicated, but I thought he was the love of my life,” she stated, before delivering a brutal testimony that details Depp’s alleged violence towards her. 

Included in this testimony was an account of a violent incident that left the actor on the “closet floor” of a Tokyo hotel room with Depp confronting her screaming “that it was over”.