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Alfie Templeman shares new song 'Colour Me Blue'

Alfie Templeman - 'Colour Me blue'

English singer-songwriter Alfie Templeman is perhaps best known for his peppy, optimistic alt-pop jammers. The kind of songs perfectly made to make you roll the windows down and sing along at the top of your lungs, and his new single ‘Colour Me Blue’ is no different.

Tracks like ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’ and ‘Things I Thought Were Mine’ are proof of the smooth, upbeat yet not-quite-bubblegum pop songwriting style unique to Templeman. However, it isn’t just the melodic quality that reels you in, it’s also his soulful, floaty, youthful voice that carries the songwriting skill effortlessly.

His new song, ‘Colour Me Blue’, is a perfect example of this. The title track from the new EP, ‘Colour Me Blue’ strikes the balance between chilled-out softness and indie-pop excitement. The twinkly guitar, light percussion, and ethereal sound processing combine to make exactly what could be expected out of Templeman’s next effort: a beachy, fun track in the vein of Gus Dapperton and Dayglow.

Although this song doesn’t exactly rock the boat or reinvent the wheel, this is one of those rare cases where it doesn’t need to. Alfie Templeman is only nineteen, and he’s among the next handful of artists coming up in this indie-pop pocket. He’s still very much soaked in this sound and has a lot to say about it. Thankfully for Templeman, the appetite for such a dynamic is rampant.

The rest of the EP offers a stylistic range that makes you want to keep listening, too. ‘Leaving Today’ slows things down just in time for ‘3D Feelings’ to pick up the pace and end on a high note. However, leading with the title track was likely a good move. ‘Colour Me Blue’ is made to be catchy. It’s playlist-repeat material, hitting streaming services just in time for summer.

Quite frankly, Alfie Templeman is adding to the conversation of light, carefree alt-pop. And although it’s simple, it’s also surprisingly hard to get it right as often as he does it. If you want to take a listen to his new single ‘Colour Me Blue’, you can find it down below.