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Credit: Gus Dapperton


Gus Dapperton shares new autobiographical track 'Medicine'

Gus Dapperton - 'Medicine'

Gus Dapperton’s latest album Orca is only a few days away, landing on September 18th, and now the producer and musician has shared yet another single from the LP. Listen to the song that “narrates” his life, ‘Medicine’.

The new song is a high-risk and high-reward prospect. Offering up a candid vision of some of Dapperton’s more vulnerable moments, the track is an energised pop ballad and is a vital part of the musician’s outward perception.

Orca arrives as the follow-up to his 2018 debut Where Polly People Go to Read and judging by what’s been released thus far, will act as an extension of his highly-polished bedroom pop sound. The new album will take an unabashed look at the troubling moments of Dapperton’s darkest periods.

“I was unbalanced,” he says of writing the song. “My lifestyle and habits had gotten extreme. I wasn’t getting eight hours of sleep a night, I was drinking and doing drugs often. Wasn’t eating healthy. And on top of it, I was performing. A show can be the most inspirational, emotional high; but if something goes wrong it can be devastating.”

It is this unpredictable nature which naturally leads many artists into drugs and debauchery and this is where ‘Medicine’ lands. Naturally, the song deals with substance abuse in a new way and tries to demystify the idea that they can be used as effective coping mechanisms.

“This track defines the album most explicitly,” wrote Dapperton in a press release. “I wrote it as a song that would narrate my life. ‘Medicine’ is about someone who is self-destructive so that they can get high off of the process of healing. The hurting phase is of no concern to them.”

Outside of the weighty lyrical content, the song is another well-manicured piece of pop from the musician. Highly engaging form the very beginning, Dapperton has a curious ability to be able to add vintage charm to what would otherwise be a classic piece of 21st century pop.

If ‘Medicine’ defines the album to come then we’re in for a treat.