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Alex Cameron drops latest single 'K Hole'

Alex Cameron - 'K Hole'

Australian singer-songwriter Alex Cameron has dropped his latest single ahead of the release of his upcoming studio album Oxy Music, the hypnotic and incisive ‘K Hole’.

Cameron’s obsession with the ills of the modern world is clearly shaping the narrative of Oxy Music, with previous singles ‘Best Life’ and ‘Sara Jo’ taking on feelings of paranoia, anxiety, freedom, and expression that feels uniquely contemporary. Cameron rides the line between timely and timeless with ease, making clear references to the 2020s that don’t feel like they will be dated by the next decade.

Cameron plays with that notion of comfort-via-consumption from the very first lines of ‘K Hole’, “If everything’s alright / Why’d I get this huge satellite.” Indeed, Cameron is taking a loopy and philosophical route in describing the songs in his press releases.

This is how he describes ‘K Hole’: “Generation self-medication. Social groups, shattered mirrors pieced back together and bound by saliva. Holding hands just to say ‘it’s Ok that everything isn’t Ok.’ There’s love here and peace if you’re alright with being on your own. We like it in pairs – but there’s only room for one in a K Hole. 

Trippy, man. Oddly enough, Cameron is clear and full of wit within the song’s lyrics, turning phrases like “Tryna prove to you that I’m stable / I promise when I fall I’ll be graceful” with ease. While the lyrics might be focused on confusion, Cameron is completely self-assured in their delivery.

Backing him up is a lush groove that seems to float effortlessly along with him. The blissful mix of guitars, synths, and strings all sound like one hazy instrument. Cameron is crafting a possible apocalypse that you can still dance to, which might be the most dangerous kind of deteriorating future. Appropriately, ‘K Hole’ is intoxicating and disorienting, but this is one escape with no side effects other than pure joy.

Check out the video for ‘K Hole’ down below. Oxy Music is set for a March 11th release.