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Adult Jazz - Springful


Spinning in the vortex of an eclectic musical whirlwind of style and delivery comes our Track of the Day ‘Springful’ by Adult Jazz, four Leeds lads that have managed to subdue the self destructive antics of the Far Out contingent with a five minute number brimming with sonic exploration and genre defying  flirtation.

Taken from the group’s debut record that goes by the same name, Springful announces itself with a deep, almost plangent, blues intro before dispersing into a more limpid, expressive and delicate production, metamorphosing into an intelligent piece of music full of quirks, quips and creative chops.

I’ll be honest, Adult Jazz wouldn’t normally be the type of band that prompts the reviewing urge in me, maybe it’s be because we share the same city or, even, the fragile state of mind that I now find myself in, but I’m intrigued by their creativity and totally digging their craft.

You can catch the rest of Adult Jazz’s inaugural 12” here, and head over to their page for the latest news and updates.