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From The Cure to Jimi Hendrix: The 10 best vinyl deals available on Amazon this week

Welcome to Far Out’s new weekly vinyl corner feature, where I will be bringing you a selection of some of our favourite records, some bargain deals to look out for and some enticing limited-edition releases.

In 2021, the vinyl comeback, which has been blooming gradually over the past decade, had another milestone year as vinyl sales outsold CDs for the first time in 30 years. The return to records has been on the up and up since MP3 downloads and streaming services came into the picture in the late 2000s. While the weightless, highly accessible and practical format is great for discovering and consuming lots of new music while you’re out and about, there’s nothing like coming home for to bit of vinyl.

Music lovers around the world appear to have tacitly agreed that if there’s an artist or album that you love, there’s always a reason to have a turntable at the ready and a 12” space reserved on the shelf. The sound quality of vinyl brings something more hearty with its analogue warmth and crisp definition that there really isn’t any substitute for.

So, if, like me, you’re a little barmy for record collecting, allow me to walk you through 10 hot picks for this week. This week, we have a selection of modern classics from the likes of Radiohead and Portishead, as well as some rock classics from Led Zeppelin to Jimi Hendrix. In the wise words of Lou Reed in his 1975 hit ‘Coney Island Baby’, “just remember, different people have peculiar tastes,” and for that reason, I have tried to give a nice eclectic spread in today’s selections.

The following selections have been handpicked by Far Out Magazine and, as a result, we may earn from qualifying purchases.

The 10 best vinyl deals available on Amazon this week:

AC/DC – Highway To Hell [Limited Edition]

This 1979 classic from the Australian hard rockers, AC/DC, was their sixth studio album and the final to feature the late lead vocalist, Bon Scott, who sadly died early the following year after a complication involving his worsening issue with alcoholism. 

The iconic album is home to some of the band’s most beloved hits, including the title track, ‘Girls Got Rhythm’, ‘Touch Too Much’ and ‘If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)’. This limited edition 2009 reissue has been recently reduced from £20.99 to £20.33; a very reasonable price for an essential rock collectable.

Available for £20.33 from here.

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The Cure – Seventeen Seconds 

The second studio album by the definitive British goth-rock group, Seventeen Seconds, was originally released in 1980. With this record, The Cure had truly arrived and sculpted their identity; Seventeen Seconds was more coherent and compensated for the lack of consistency that plagued the first album, Three Imaginary Boys.

For Seventeen Seconds, frontman Robert Smith co-produced for the first time with Mike Hedges. The album includes the band’s first UK top 40 single, ‘A Forest’ as well as ‘Play For Today’, ‘Secrets’ and ‘In Your House’. This seminal post-punk classic was £22.50 but is now on sale for £20.44.

Available for £20.44 from here.

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Kraftwerk – Remixes 

This compilation showcases Kraftwerk’s immense influence on the modern club and DJ culture, techno and all forms of electronic dance music. Featuring 19 official remixes, it collates Kraftwerk’s own remixes alongside contributions from some of the world’s most esteemed DJs and producers, including François Kervorkian, William Orbit, Étienne de Crécy, Orbital, Underground Resistance, DJ Rolando and Hot Chip

The remixes are taken from various Kraftwerk 12-inch singles, CD singles and digital releases between 1991 and 2021. This is a fantastic collection for anyone who enjoys spinning modern electro while appreciating where it all started. The item has recently been reduced from £40 to £33.98 on Amazon.

Available for £33.98 from here.

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Primal Scream – Screamadelica

Screamadelica is the third studio album by Scottish alt-rock band Primal Scream, released in September 1991. The album was produced mainly by the late great Andrew Weatherall and became their first commercial success, helping to push the band firmly into the limelight and winning them the Mercury Music Prize in 1992.

The double LP release housed such classics as ‘Movin’ On Up’, ‘Loaded’, ‘Come Together’, ‘Higher than the Sun’ and ‘Slip Inside This House’. The eclectic mix has something for everyone with its seamless blend of rock, electronica, gospel and jazz. This item has recently been reduced from £31.99 to £25.62.

Available for £25.62 from here.

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Portishead – Dummy

Originally released in 1994, Dummy is the debut studio album by Bristol trip-hop band Portishead. The seminal classic won the 1995 Mercury Music Prize after receiving unprecedented critical acclaim and is often cited among the best albums of the 1990s. 

The album is the first of only three over the band’s three-decade existence, and it includes most of their best-known songs, including ‘Sour Times’, ‘Glory Box’, ‘Roads’, ‘Numb’ and ‘Mysterons’. The reissue has recently been reduced from £20.99 to £18.99 on Amazon.

Available for £18.99 from here.

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New Order – Power Corruption & Lies

After the death of Ian Curtis and the end of Joy Division, the remaining members reunited as New Order. After dabbling with synthesisers for their very enjoyable yet unbalanced Joy Division hangover album, Movement, in 1981, they returned with a seminal classic and quite possibly their masterpiece in 1983’s Power Corruption & Lies.

The album boasts some of New Order’s most memorable early hits, including ‘Age of Consent’, ‘Leave Me Alone’, ‘The Village’, ‘Your Silent Face’ and ‘Ultraviolence’. The reissue available on Amazon has been recently reduced from £21.75 to £20.89.

Available for £20.89 from here.

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Radiohead – In Rainbows

In 2007, Radiohead released their seventh studio album, In Rainbows. The album saw the Oxford alt-rock legends once again morph their sound into something original and timeless. The album is finely balanced with slower atmospheric tracks (‘All I Need’) and more upbeat, pacey rock-outs (‘Bodysnatchers’).

The album soared to the number one spot in the UK and US following its release and has since been frequently placed among the greatest albums of the 2000s. The indie essential is home to highlights such as ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’, ’15 Step’, ‘Reckoner’ and ‘Jigsaw Falling Into Place’.

Available for £30.65 from here.

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Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland 

Jimi Hendrix released three flawless studio albums during his few short years in the limelight before his untimely death, aged 27 in 1970. The last of the three, 1968’s Electric Ladyland was the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s most commercially successful release and their only number one album. 

The record is highlighted by its timeless cover of Bob Dylan’s 1967 track ‘All Along the Watchtower’ but also includes some of Hendrix’s most beloved original compositions, including ‘Voodoo Child (slight return)’, ‘Crosstown Traffic’ and ‘Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)’. The reissue available on Amazon has recently been reduced from £27.81 to £23.35.

Available for £23.35 from here.

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Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II

After the success of the trailblazing hard rock of their eponymous 1969 debut album, Led Zeppelin were ready to follow it up with the second volume later that same year. Led Zeppelin II seemed to consolidate the heavy blues innovation trialled on the debut album as Jimmy Page began to show his true guitar virtuosity. 

The album is home to some of the band’s most adored early hits, including ‘Whole Lotta Love’, ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘Ramble On’ and ‘What Is and What Should Never Be’. This essential rock classic has been recently reduced from its original price of £22.09 and is now available for £21.28. 

Available for £21.28 from here.

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Dire Straits – Love Over Gold

Under the steady guidance of lead guitarist and vocalist Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits moved through several phases as they lept between their six studio albums between 1978 and 1991. Whether you’re more of a fan of the early raw rhythm and blues material or the latter refined pop phase, few can argue with the genius of 1982’s Love Over Gold.

The five-track album is home to the iconic singles’ Private Investigations’ and ‘Industrial Disease’, but the real feast is the 14-minute epic that kicks off side one, ‘Telegraph Road’. The album has recently been reduced from £22.77 to £19.99.

Available for £19.99 from here.

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