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(Credit: Shervin Lainez)


Zola Jesus announces new album with latest single ‘Lost’

Zola Jesus - 'Lost'

Zola Jesus has made her moody and atmospheric return with her latest single ‘Lost’ and announced a new record titled Arkhon. The album will be her sixth full-length record to date.

Trudging through the mire of sullen synths and drawn faded vocals, the song is hardly a sanguine bop to welcome summer, as Zola Jesus aka Nika Roza Danilova has explained: “It’s true. Everyone I know is lost.”

She continues her very sombre sell for the single by adding, “Lost hope, lost future, lost present, lost planet. There is a collective disillusionment of our burning potential. As we stray further from nature, we drift from ourselves. ‘Lost’ is a sigil to re-discover our coordinates and claim a new path.”

In truth, that path is candlelit as the flames of hope prove scanty throughout and a new path only flickers amid the morose wall of moaning production, which is nevertheless layered and luscious as we have come to expect from her work. Sadly, there isn’t a great deal cutting through the fog of it on this occasion, in every sense. 

In this department, she had assistance from Randall Dunn who has worked with drone harnesser Sunn O))), The Cave Singers, Jesse Sykes and more in the past. His work is mainly in the metal field and there are haunts of that dark overture in this single. 

Arkhon is set to arrive via Sacred Bones on May 20th as Zola Jesus returns for the first time in nearly five years.