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(Credit: Netflix)


Zack Snyder hid anime easter egg in 'Army of the Dead'

Zack Snyder received unanimous acclaim when the director’s cut for Justice League was released, leading many people to believe that he was the greatest filmmaker of our time. However, he quickly squashed those claims in 2021 with the latest addition to his filmography – an uninspired and lacklustre zombie flick called Army of the Dead.

In an interview, Snyder explained: “[With Army] I was trying to reconnect with the joy of making movies. Even in the process of making as the director, DP (director of photography) and camera operator, it felt like a complete cinematic immersion for me. Not to mention that even a sort of deep dive into the genre—whether it be the tropes—it’s a sort of a love letter to movies in general. That’s kinda the ‘why’ I made it.”

Continuing, he also tried to claim that his film was unlike the others in the genre: “One of my main goals was getting you to be sympathetic for the zombies. I thought that would be a fun trick if I could pull it off. The best monster movies are the ones where you show compassion for the monster. Your conventional zombie movie makes that difficult because they’re not meant to represent an individual point of view.”

According to Snyder, Army of the Dead contained a pretty neat Easter Egg which explains the premise of the animated prequel that is to come to some extent. “One of the things that happened in Army Of The Dead that not many people have noticed I don’t think is that when they go into the Olympus Hotel, there’s a painting above the doorway,” Snyder said.

“The Olympus is based on Greek mythology, so it’s sort of a classic Greek entrance,” he continued. “In a fresco above the doorway, it tells you a little bit about the story of the animated prequel that we’re making and how they journey through a portal to find the origins of the zombie plague in the mosaic.”

Currently, the animated show is in the works and it will act as a prequel to the events in Army of the Dead. Titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, the show is set for release in 2022.