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(Credit: Yungblud)


Yungblud cancels upcoming shows in Russia

Yungblud has announced its intentions to cancel a number of shows in the forthcoming months that were set to occur in Russia. The artist has decided to show his support of Ukraine at this particular moment in time. He posted a video on Twitter showing his grief for the “beautiful people” of Ukraine. He said he was devastated by the attacks.

In a written statement, Yungblud said he was heartbroken because he recognised that this doesn’t reflect the opinions and views Russia has expressed in the past. But the artist feels he has no choice but to show a sign of support towards Ukraine, which means cancelling the shows.

“Everyone deserves to be the creator of their own destiny, rather than having it forced upon them by acts of war and aggression,” Yungblud writes. “Ukraine, I promise I’ll come back as soon as I can. My heart is with you, always.”

Balancing the statement, Yungblud says he still has friends in Russia and tried to make it as clear as possible that this was a political act and not a statement levelled at the country or the country’s people in question. In an update from Ukraine’s interior ministry, 352 Ukrainian civilians had been killed in the conflict so far, 14 of whom were children. They went on to say that an additional 1684 people, which also includes 116 children, had been wounded in the attacks.

Former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel has publicly condemned the attacks, stating that he was “very” shocked to see the attacks. “This invasion is one man’s barbaric decision,” Gabriel wrote on his Facebook page. “This action is a war crime, and whatever else happens, this man should never be allowed to leave Russian soil again.”

Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks has compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, as she joins other musicians in condemning the attack. American post-punk outfit Greenday have also cancelled their forthcoming shows in Russia, while Russian rapper Oxxxymiron is also boycotting the country at this moment in time. Miley Cyrus and Elton John have also issued statements of solidarity and support to Ukraine.