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Yung - Burning Bodies


The Danish Punks which are currently populating our ‘most loved’ bands aren’t all about ferociousness and devouring you whole in a blind rage of fuzzy guitars and guttural vocals. No, sometimes they are about loneliness, abandonment and the carefree feeling that comes with it. ‘Burning Bodies’  from Yung is our Track of the Day.

Yung are from the Danish punk set not only influenced heavily by great punk bands but distinct Mancunian sounds filled with darkness and dread. It’s beautiful. The band encapsulate a sound that is incredibly distinctive, which is why the fact they have managed to make it more accessible and relative is so impressive. They add naturalism to industrial sounds and make the complexity of modern life seem base.

‘Burning Bodies’ will be available with Tough Love Records on a 7” release complete with recent releases ‘Blanket’ and ‘Alter’. The track takes all the energy and mundane urbanity and adds a little charm and a touch more loneliness to create something that will ring around your brain for weeks to come.