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Yung - Blanket


When we first brought you Yung, the Danish quartet with a love of trudge and sludge, we billed them as a punk outfit. We had lots of people react to this, shall we say in unsavoury fashion, disregarding our ears for deeming the greying grunge sound for something punk. Well today’s Track of the Day from the band proves us right. So there! Here’s ‘Blanket’ from Yung.

Following the release of EP Alter on Tough Love Records in March the band have been churning out gnarly sound like Anchor does butter-like-fat-replacement-spread.

‘Blanket’ though is something quite different. It’s frenetic energy leap across the airwaves and slams the ideals of a bored youth living in a societal cesspit slap bang in the middle of your brain.

Lyrically astute but not dependant, the song thrashes around the same principles as previous work but with a fire in their bellies instead. The band play Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival over the weekend, and if I had the chance to see them, you bet I would grab it with both idle hands.