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The Great Escape Playlist

The Great Escape Festival 2015 is looking like it could finally achieve it’s potential as one of the coolest multi-venue festivals in the UK. With such incredible acts performing across the city by the sea, Brighton may not know what it is in for.

The city has always produce great talent but now they seem to be facilitating the smaller bands. With so many artists looking to kick-off their careers with TGE, which is seen by many as an attainable mainstream festival. It naturally attracts the industry folk with its breadth of diversity but all with the slightly ramshackle nonchalance the seaside town is known for “When I see the sea I think ‘Fuck it, I might go part time’”. This lends itself perfectly to guerrilla gigs and just getting yourself heard.

There is talk of the festival moving in to the realms of ‘The UK’s SXSW’ which if fulfilled this year could put Brighton firmly on the map as one of the cultural capitals of our fair nation, if it isn’t already of course.

So to celebrate we created a playlist (it’s just over there –>) with some of the Far Out Favourites to be playing this year including Drenge, Alabama Shakes, Rat Boy, Tobias Jesso Jr, Yung and loads more.

They’re all bands you should watch – if tickets, queues and time travel were no object.