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Musician and YouTuber, Lil Bo Weep, has died aged 22


Lil Bo Weep, a singer and YouTube star hailing from Australia, has died at the age of 22. The sad news was confirmed by her father, Mathew Schofield, who took to Facebook on Sunday to explain that his daughter’s death was the result of “depression, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction”.

Schofield’s post read: “This weekend we lost the fight for my daughter’s life against depression, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction that we have been fighting since we got her back from America through emergency repatriation DFAT [Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade] but broken”.

He went on to explain that Lil Bo Weep – real name Winona Lisa Green – had been struggling for some time: “She fought hard against her demons as we all did side by side next to her and picking up the broken pieces over and over again but she could not fight anymore and we lost her,” Schofield wrote, “As her dad, I am proud of her beyond words as she is my hero, my daughter, and my best friend that I love so so much. She is no longer hurting now with the universe wanting their angel back.”

Green started sharing music on Soundcloud in 2015, at which time she released her music under the name ‘monikers’. The musician’s releases saw them garner a significant and devoted following online. They are best known for tracks like ‘not ok but its ok’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘CODEPENDENCY’. The final song that the emo rapper posted on their Soundcloud was titled ‘PTSD’. Around that time, Lil Bo Weep also wrote a post on Twitter in which she revealed she was creating a public TikTok account, designed as a “safe space for those who wish to hear my opinions, answers and all of that fun stuff.”

Lil Bo Weep’s fans have since taken to social media in their droves to pay tribute to the musician, many of them explaining that Weep’s music helped them get through tough times. “Your music got me through one of the most mentally challenging points in my life,” one fan wrote.

Alice Glass also took the time to pay tribute to Weep, taking to Twitter to write: “Rip Lil Bo Weep. First heard ‘i wrote this song 4 you’ and loved your music immediately. I’m so sorry you suffered. I wish this Angel was still here and never met anyone that would hurt you”.