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Your New Favourite Band: Sunflower Bean

Sometimes you can spend days trawling the internet looking for a band that can spark a life in you. A band which can bring something different or even present something ordinary in the strangest of ways and subvert your impression of it. And sometimes it can just take 5 minutes. Ladies and gentlemen Sunflower Bean: your new favourite band.

It’s hard to give you a full picture of the band, they have only been together for a couple of years and self-released their debut EP Show Me Your Seven Secrets at the end of 2014.

However, since then they have been like nitro-glycerine on the end of a hammer, just waiting to blow the fucking town down. They have been tearing across the Brooklyn DIY scene for a while but really started to make their names at SXSW and TGE.

The best view of this exciting band comes in the first few notes of their brilliant new release on Fat Possum Records ‘I Hear Voices’. The sound genuinely makes me toes tingle with a dicey combination of fear of the unknown and the excitement of jumping straight in to it. It’s frigging beautiful.

In this song and their previous efforts the melt psyche in Technicolor drips across the angsty sea of punk and watch the the two mix like petrol on a city puddle. The delicacy of their sound is there for everybody to see but it is the opposing grit and muck that lies beneath that is getting everybody excited.

POND? Tame Impala? You better watch your back these kids look pissed off.