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Yeah Yeah Yeahs return with new single 'Spitting Off The Edge of the World'

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Spitting Off the Edge of the World'

It’s been almost a decade but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are finally back to breathe fresh life into indie music once more. With their Perfume Genius team-up ‘Spitting Off The Edge of the World’ it’s like they never went away, and I mean that in the best possible way.

Karen O is once more sustaining notes that wrap around your finger and then break it in three places, the band remain proficient in using near-silence to build a tidal wave of atmosphere, and their mule-kicking choruses have returned to give your head a spin like a sudden cranial waltzer. The power of electric indie is as statically refreshing as ever.

The track sees the Yeah Yeah Yeahs enter the party via the side door rather than a blitzkrieg through the front—it isn’t what you’d call a riotous return, but with each passing listen it lets its swagger show and draws you into its captivating allure. With the help of Perfume Genius’ understated additions, it’s more of a cool and collected triumph than a saloon-door swinger. 

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Lyrically and production-wise it doesn’t grasp beyond its means in search of manufactured ingenuity either. It’s more about the composition, it’s a statement in old school exultant songwriting. In fact, it’s almost akin to Arcade Fires’ recently brilliance with the astounding album WE.

Best of all, the gathering storm is a grower not a shower that hints that the record it hails from will have plenty more gunpowder in the barrel. “To all who have waited,” Karen O announced, erroneously missing off the word ‘patiently’, “our dear fans, thank you, our fever to tell has returned, and writing these songs came with its fair share of chills, tears, and euphoria when the pain lifts and truth is revealed.”

Continuing: “I don’t have to tell you how much we’ve been going through in the last nine years since our last record, because you’ve been going through it too, and we love you and we see you, and we hope you feel the feels from the music we’ve made.”

Before concluding: “No shying away from the feels, or backing down from what’s been gripping all of us these days. So yes we’ve taken our time, happy to report when it’s ready it really does just flow out.” Now, after hearing ‘Spitting Off The Edge of the World’ we can’t wait for the rest of the avalanche to gush forth. 

The album, Cool It Down, named after a Velvet Underground classic is set for release on September 30th via Secretly Canadian. You can check out the latest single from the eight-track LP below.

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