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(Credit: James Brown)


Yard Act statement on sexual assault at London show


Yard Act have released a statement warning fans to police themselves after they became aware of the inappropriate behaviour exhibited by drunk older men towards a young female fan at a recent show in London. 

Culture has a profound ability to impart a need for change in a variety of areas, thus, it is highly creditable that Yard Act have taken it upon themselves to educate fans on the matter and make a bold stance.

By using their social media platform to disseminate their bold but empathetic message, they have brought a great deal of attention to the issue of inappropriate behaviour at gigs and called for positive change. 

The show in question was at London’s Village Underground on February 17th. The band were alerted by the young female fan shortly after the show and they promptly called it out. 

As of yet, no details of any criminal investigation or specifics regarding the incident have come to light, however, we can hope that the statement comes as an educational tool that helps to mitigate any future incidents. 

You can read the full statement below, and we would re-assert its closing message: “Look after each other, we’ve got to.”