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Yard Act put Warmduscher on Ritalin with ‘Greasin’ Up Jesus’ remix

Yard Act, Warmduscher - 'Greasin' Up Jesus' (Yard Act Remix)

Back in April, Warmduscher delivered one of the year’s best records to date. The climax of which was the slicked-back air key-tar solo inducing boon of ‘Greasin’ Up Jesus’. Now, Yard Act have sailed the track in HMS Clownshoe across the wavy Caspian Sea to some dirty, dirty club that hasn’t seen a disco in some time, and it’s a gem of a party in there if you’re up for it. 

Sludgier than the feeling of stepping on some half-melted substance slopped onto baking asphalt in flip-flops, the bass that Yard Act have produced sticks to your ears like the wrapper to a Chewitt that has been sitting in your pocket for too long. This heady sound might put the moonwalking crescendo of the original on Ritalin, but that blast is only a click away so it’s refreshing to do things differently with a rethink of a recent cracker. 

Albeit it doesn’t feature one of James Smith’s vocal overdubs which he evidentially likes to lay down on rehashes, the remix, once more, earmarks Yard Act as a band who know their way around the sonic intricacies of a song, picking up from their work reimagining the magnificent Katy J Pearson and covering/collaborating Elton John. Yet again, they juice new life out of the contours already on offer and make it different enough to be worthwhile. 

In another mark of the positive collectivism of modern music, there is comfortable creative freedom on display. The remix is like the dish you rustle up in your kitchen at 2am when trying to cook a classic with a ‘make-do’ list of ingredients from a weekday beleaguered fridge—it’s strange to the sober soul but in the right moonlight this cover is delicious.

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And behind that joy is something worth celebrating. As Warmduscher expressed in a statement: “There’s nothing better for the soul than taking whats yours, giving it to your friends and letting them chew it up and spit it back out in your face. Something different, something weirder, something better, bolder, or even more beautiful!”

Adding: “Ladies and gentleman we’ve got friends in high places, and these friends have chewed us up perfectly.  We hope you enjoy more of the same, only much more different, Warmduscher the remixes!!” So, you can expect more mighty musical oddities to come your way soon. 

Yard Act are merely the first to arrive at the party, but they came bearing a compliment: “We’ve been long-time fans of that freakshow called Warmduscher. They’re disgusting, funny, sexy and cool as. When we found out they felt the same things about us, it could only make total sense to stick our fingers in each other’s noises.”

Concluding triumphantly: “‘Greasin’ Up Jesus’ is a perfect come down album ender to a rollercoaster party record, but behind those louche elevator synths and chintzy shuffling drums, we could hear that there was still a party going on underneath, and so we tried our best to dig it up and let it out with our remix. We had so much fun doing this. Long live Warmduscher.”

Boy, we can’t wait to catch Warmduscher on the road when they hit UK shores this summer. Enjoy the fresh-cut Yard Act remix below, they’re keeping it sleazy livin’.

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