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(Credit: James Brown)


Yard Act release '100% Endurance' video starring David Thewlis


For many people, ‘100% Endurance’ was the much-frequented favourite from Yard Act’s cracking debut album The Overload. Now, the single has been met with a fitting video starring none other than David Thewlis. 

As it happens, the legendary Naked actor was a fan of the Leeds outfit in the first place and commented: “I’ve told my agent I’m only doing Yard Act videos from now on, though next time on a tropical island or a big yacht.”

Considering their continued growth, that sort of horizon might not be too far out of sight. Alongside the video, the band have also announced their biggest headline show to date at London’s O2 Kentish Town Forum on December 1st.

Speaking about the video, frontman James Smith commented: “It was great shooting this video. I barely had to do anything, and I didn’t have fake facial hair glued to me head for once. I still can’t believe David got involved.”

Continuing: “I was such a fan of his work from Naked through to Fargo, and when I told James Slater he was interested in working with us he was so buzzing. A brilliant actor, and an absolute joy to watch work. Equally so, he is a thoroughly decent, down to earth person who is funny as fuck, and that goes a fair way I reckon.”

He then commented on collaborating with director James Slater once more for the video. “This video also stands as testament, once more, to James Slater and his vision for bringing our songs to life every time. I always knew we would revisit The Overload world one last time to bring the whole concept of the album full circle and I knew the final video would be for ‘100% Endurance’, but once the album came out and touring kicked in, I never knew when we would find the time,” Smith said.

Concluding: “Finally we did, and getting all the cast of characters back together felt lovely too. We’ve met so many ace people making these videos and the more you meet them, the easier it is. Bless everyone who was on board throughout. If no one figures it out in the next 5 years, I’ll do a thorough breakdown of all the videos with every reference, easter egg and narrative hint we stuck in there.”

You can check out the cracking collision of track and tale below.

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