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(Credit: Rachael Paley)


Yard Act release '100% Endurance' duet with Elton John


British indie rockers Yard Act are amongst the newest band to pair up with modern music lover Elton John with the unlikely pair releasing a new version of Yard Act’s ‘100% Endurance’.

“Within our camp we have a saying: ‘Mad shit happens when you do art,’” frontman James Smith says in a press release. “You make stuff because you want to make it, and you throw stuff you’ve made into the world because you’d rather share it than not.”

The connection between Yard Act and John actually extends back quite a few months. You see, John was complimentary of Yard Act during an NME interview in October of last year. As a way to say thank you, the band released a cover of ‘Tiny Dancer’ that both pays tribute and sends up John’s original. John apparently loved the cover, and now we get an official collaboration.

“He said something very poignant to me,” Smith adds. “‘I love playing on other people’s songs, especially these guys, because I started off as a session musician. The fascinating thing is you hear things so differently from other people, and when you hear what they hear, then it all makes sense.’ That insight, that curiosity and that approach to music is the reason he’s still standing after all this time.”

John contributes some notable piano and adds his voice to the choir of backing vocals that loop into the song’s chorus. This being Elton John, there’s quite a bit of swirling beauty and elegant melody that comes seeping through on the new version of ‘100% Endurance’, and the rest of Yard Act get to expand their horizons into a funkier and less angular groove than what appeared on their debut The Overload.

All in all, everyone is a winner on the new version of ‘100% Endurance’: Yard Act get to show off their diverse playing styles, and Elton John gets to stay young forever by stealing the souls of new artists. Careful now, or maybe that farewell tour will never end.

Check out the new version of ‘100% Endurance down below.