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Yard Act share new single 'Dark Days'

Yard Act - 'Dark Days'

Yard Act have shared the thunderous new single ‘Dark Days’.

This track is the latest single from the Leeds band who had an exceptional 2020, following the release of their Bill Ryder-Jones produced debut single ‘The Trapper’s Belts’ last April. Since then, they have shared ‘Fixer Upper’ and the bizarrely brilliant ‘Peanuts’ back in November. There’s an unavoidable Northern charm to Yard Act and the dry wittiness that bleeds into all of their work so far continues to ooze out of their latest emphatic single underpinned by a bassline that showcases the divine art of simplicity.

Frontman James Smith snarls on the track: “Under the arches, there’s this bloke, With car boot full of stolen phones, knock-off cologne and mink carcasses, Near mint condition from Selfridges mate, I see arsonists with business rates etched on the back of empty matchboxes, Police officers getting their truncheons polished off in the bushes, wondering what all the fuss is about and what I’m looking at.”

Speaking about the single, Smith commented: “I liked the juxtaposition of the bleak world with the cartoon bass line. Despite all the advances humanity has made, the threat of devolution feels increasingly possible in the modern world, and on my bad days when I’m spiralling, I can’t help but get trapped in my own head envisioning this post-apocalyptic future we’re seemingly headed toward, so fuck knows why I decided to watch Children of Men when I was feeling like that.

“If I’d fully remembered what happened in it, I don’t think I would’ve in the middle of a pandemic, but I did, and I actually came away feeling really uplifted by the ending. I saw hope in it, and it helped me finish the story.”

Smith also confirmed that this would be the final release from the band before they got into the studio to create their highly-anticipated debut album. Noting: “‘Dark Days’ is the last of four singles before we start work on the album, of which none of those songs will be on. It’s a world building song, this one, everything we’ve put out so far is from the same universe, which is based on an imagined Yorkshire 100 years in the future.”

Yard Act is a quintessential Northern band built from the mould of greats like John Cooper-Clarke and Mark E. Smith, but, there’s a modernity to their lyricism which makes them feel like a breath of fresh air and makes the Leeds four-piece a valued presence in the current climate.