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(Credit: James Brown)


Yard Act and 99 other acts join The Great Escape 2022 line-up


Those of you hoping to spend the spring and summer exploring the den of mud and music that is the UK festival circuit will be pleased to hear that The Great Escape has just added 100 more acts to its 2022 line-up, including Yard Act, The Amazons, and, somewhat bizarrely, Rebecca Black.

Set to return to Brighton between May 11th-14th, everyone at The Great Escape Festival is hoping that this time the event will actually be able to go ahead. The festival’s organisers were forced to cancel the 2020 and 2021 editions due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, people seem a little more optimistic about this year’s event, with organisers confirming the first 50 performers for the 2022 festival back in September.

Now, an additional 100 artists have joined the line-up for The Great Escape 2022. As well as Yard Act, The Amazons, and Rebecca Black, attendees will be able to catch sets by the likes of Baby Queen, Lola Young, The Goa Express, Phoebe Green, Dylan Fraser, English Teacher, Balming Tiger, Honeyglaze, Joe & The Shitboys and many more.

According to organisers, “there’s much more to come” for TGE 2022. You can find further information by visiting The Great Escape website. Its also been announced that a live showcase, The Road To The Great Escape, will take place in Glasgow and Dublin between May 6th-7th (Glasgow) and May 9th-10th (Dublin).

The new sister event will allow Scottish and Irish residents to see some of TGE’s “most exciting” homegrown talent, including Dublin singer-songwriter Abi Coulibaly and south London producer and multi-instrumentalist Conor Albert. Attendees will also be able to catch Dylan Fraser, Eli Smart, and English Teacher. You can see the full list of new additions for The Great Escape 2022 below.

The Great Escape additions:

  • Abby Roberts
  • Alex Amor
  • Azure Ryder
  • Baby Queen
  • Bad Waitress
  • Balimaya Project
  • Balming Tiger
  • Banks Arcade
  • Blair Davie
  • Bleach Lab
  • Bonnie Kemplay
  • Bryan’s Music Tears
  • Budjerah
  • Cat Burns
  • Christian Lee Huston
  • Coach Party
  • Coco And The Lost
  • Crawlers
  • Damos Room
  • Dead Pony
  • Downtown Kayoto
  • Dylan Fraser
  • Eli Smart
  • English Teacher
  • Enola Gay
  • Fitzroy Holt
  • Frankie Beetlestone
  • Gen & The Degenerates
  • Grace Cummings
  • Grove
  • Hmd
  • Honeyglaze
  • Illuminati Hotties
  • Indigo De Souza
  • Iris Gold
  • Joe & The Shitboys
  • Joy Anonymous
  • Kathleen Frances
  • Kathryn Joseph
  • Katy J Peason
  • Kiddus
  • Kings Elliot
  • Kynsy
  • L’objectif
  • Little Quirks
  • Lock-in
  • Lokoy
  • Lucy Gooch
  • Lucy Mcwilliams
  • Madi Saskia
  • Madison Cunningham
  • Malaki
  • Margo Cilker
  • Maria Bc
  • Mark Cake
  • Mattiel
  • Megan Wyn
  • Memes
  • Mickey Casllisto
  • Murman Tsuladze
  • Neone The Wonderer
  • Nutribe
  • Orions Belte
  • Panic Shack
  • Phoebe Green
  • Piri & Tommy Villiers
  • Pixey
  • Plumm
  • Porches
  • Porchlight
  • Portron Portron Lopez
  • Poutyface
  • Prima Queen
  • Quinzequinze
  • Rebecca Black
  • Rolla
  • Sad Boys Club
  • Shakira Alleyne
  • Sinead O’Brien
  • Soft Cult
  • Sofy
  • Sprints
  • Swim School
  • Taahliah
  • Tamzene
  • Team Picture
  • The Amazons
  • The Bobby Tenderloin Universe
  • The Byker Grove Fan Club
  • The Goa Express
  • The Let Go
  • The Shakes
  • The Vanns
  • Tommy Lefroy
  • Ultra Q
  • Vlure
  • Yard Act