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(Credit: Press / Alexandra Waespi)


Wunderhorse shares absorbing new single ‘Butterflies’

Wunderhorse - 'Butterflies'

Former Dead Pretties frontman Jacob Slater has released his new single, entitled ‘Butterflies’, under the solo alias Wunderhorse. 

After the successful release of ‘17’ earlier this year, ‘Butterflies’ shows Slater reaching a new level of sentimentality. His unique brooding vocals are perfectly punctuated by the soaring and tumbling grunge and post-punk inspired guitar layers that build into an emotive intensity towards the middle of the song that demands full attention. 

The new single joins Slater’s already impressive collection of singles, and while it matches the energy of ‘Poppy’, it brings something new and intriguing to the table artistically. Alongside his more upbeat compositions such as ‘Teal’ or ‘17’, Slater has shown that he can deliver a diversity that will make for a wholly satisfying LP listen in the near future.

The track reflects on one of Slater’s formative sexual experiences from his teen years through the eyes of his now-24 eyes. “Butterflies is about a sexual experience I had with an older girl when I was still very young. I didn’t know what I was doing at all and it spun me out for a while,” Slater explained in a statement about the new single.

“I remember coming up with the main guitar riff, at that time it was the darkest sounding bit of music I’d written,” He continues. “The first set of lyrics didn’t really match the sinister nature of the music, so I decided to revisit an experience that made me feel uneasy the same way the music did.”

The restless talent has also made roads into the acting world with his debut role as the Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook in Danny Boyle’s forthcoming new biopic series Pistol. The new biopic will arrive via Disney+ in May.

Listen to Wunderhorse’s new single ‘Butterflies’ below.