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Woodstock 50 festival responds to rumours of cancellation


Last night wild rumours were swirling around the proposed festival site of Woodstock 50 as the date for ticket sales to begin was postponed. This left the public predicting that the festival may have gone down the wrong road heading towards cancellation. Today the organisers of Woodstock have responded.

The rumours swirled as an email for the 50th celebration of the original Woodstock Festival, was sent to ticket agents on Friday (April 19th) letting them know that ticket sales for the event were being postponed and were currently “on hold.”

It read: “There is currently a hold on the Woodstock 50 on-sale date. We are waiting on an official press statement from Woodstock 50 regarding updated [announcements], ticket pricing, and overall festival information. We will get this information to you as soon as we receive it.”

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Michael Lang responded to the claims via Billboard and although he moved to quickly dismiss the fears as simply “rumours” he did not directly address the reasoning behind the ticket postponement.

He said: “Woodstock is a phenomenon that for fifty years has drawn attention to its principles and also the rumours that can be attached to that attention.”

Surely, this will need to be cleared up very quickly before more rumours continue to grow and swirl.