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Woodstock's 50th anniversary festival to be held at original site


It has been confirmed that the 50th anniversary of the infamous Woodstock Festival will take place at its original 1969 site in New York. The festival will be a celebration of the iconic moment in time which would go on to define a nation.

A Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival will take place next year to commemorate one of the most iconic festivals in history. 1969 saw the birth of music festivals as we know it and the evolution of the counter-culture which would form them and it all happened in Bethel, New York.

On August 15th-18th, 1969 the small town played host to some of the world’s biggest musical idols. It would go on to be seen as a touchpoint in modern history with sets from Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead and Sly and The Family Stone.

Although next year’s event, taking place August 16th – 19th 2019, will play host to some musical acts the main focus will be the celebration of the festival and its history offering up alongside the music, TED talks and celebratory exhibitions.

The Press release stated: “This pan-generational music, culture, and community event will be held at BWCA just 90 minutes from New York City, these three days of memorable experiences will include live performances from prominent and emerging artists spanning multiple genres and decades, and TED-style talks from leading futurists and retro-tech experts.”

“Festival goers will also be able to visit the Museum at Bethel Woods, which tells the story of the 1960s through immersive media, interactive engagements, and artifacts from the 1969 festival, as well as experience the special 2019 exhibit We Are Golden: Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock Festival and Aspirations for an Aquarian Future”

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