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Wolf Alice - She


So, most of the Far Out team are currently knee deep in drink, drugs and decadence as they continue to enjoy Beacons Festival. But never fear we can all sit back and enjoy some of the best acts from the comfort of our chairs – that’s the same right? Today’s track of the day is from one of those acts.

Wolf Alice have been a firm Far Out favourite since their debut track Fluffy hit our ears and this new track She is just the same kind of pop fuelled dance floor filler. Keeping to the classic philosophy of peaks and troughs with a chorus that will burrow beneath the skin, She is full to the brim of early 90’s British charm.

The vocals are full of haunted hints at a crying generation as this early release from the band’s imminent EP Blush  promises a lot of lo-fi love.  With distorted guitars and deep burbling bass laden throughout this song is proof that Wolf Alice can write a damn good song.

The North Londoners are honorary members of the so-called B-town scene along with the likes of Splashh and JAWs but Wolf Alice take things to a more Elastica inspired ecstasy. They seem to possess a more underhanded aggression that makes this band a more tempting morsel of British rock n roll.

If you are at Beacons then this band are a must-see they transfer the energy and pop sensibilities of their studio tracks to the stage and are electrifying and furious in equal measures. A perfect combination.


Jack Whatley