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(Credit: Jordan Hemingway)


Wolf Alice share video for 'Safe From Heartbreak'


Fair warning: it’s been at least a week since we’ve covered English rock quartet Wolf Alice, and for Far Out Magazine that is probably a new record.

It’s hard to think what the band can give us that they haven’t already given. We got Blue Weekend, their fantastic third studio album that we raved about when it was first released earlier in the month. We got the killer late night performances. We got the festival announcements. We got a series of intertwined videos that eventually were revealed to be part of a larger full-length Blue Weekend film. What more could the band give?

Well apparently they can just keep releasing new bits of the movie, as today saw the official release of the ‘Safe From Heartbreak (If You Never Fall In Love)’ video, the fifth track from Blue Weekend and congruently the fifth chapter in the Blue Weekend film.

From director Jordan Hemmingway, the video is the latest to be released from the film, which has already been previewed in the official release of the ‘Smile’, ‘No Hard Feelings’, ‘The Beach’ and ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ videos. At this point, they might as well release the whole dang movie online because we’ve seen roughly a half-hour of it already.

The band already screened a preview of the Blue Weekend film earlier in the month, with the band performing a stripped back acoustic set at the showing. When and where the full-length version of the film will be available for mass consumption is still up in the air, but if you’re craving the need to hear the Blue Weekend songs, the band will be playing a few festivals this summer, trekking through the U.S. in the fall, and returning to the U.K. in January. Unfortunately, most of the tickets to their U.K. shows are sold out, but there are a few nights still available.

Check out the video for ‘Safe From Heartbreak (If You Never Fall In Love)’ down below.