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(Credit: Wolf Alice)


Watch Wolf Alice perform ‘Smile’ on Corden


British alt-rock auteurs and Mercury Prize winners Wolf Alice virtually crossed the Atlantic via a live-streamed performance of their recent single ‘Smile’ on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday night.

The band barreled through the fuzz-tastic new song and even sat down for a full band interview with Corden. All crowded around a single webcam, the band playfully insinuated that Corden might have stolen drummer Joel Amey’s passport the last time the two were together.

The band also explained how they had to shelter in place during the recording of their upcoming third album Blue Weekend in Belgium. Making reference to Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges, bassist Theo Ellis jokingly described the atmosphere as being “as tense as the hotel room scene” as Corden gushed over his admittedly cutting cheekbones.

I have no idea what the view of Corden is like in the UK or England specifically. Cultural treasure? Vehemently hated export? The object of supreme indifference? I don’t know, I’m sure some of the writers and editors here at the mag will fill me in, but I do know that he bugs the hell out of me. Carpool Karaoke is a scourge to my ears and eyes, a cloyingly saccharine pimple on the already-puss ridden face of pop culture. When Jimmy Fallon eased into his nice guy schtick over on The Tonight Show, Corden stepped up to the sickly sweet pitch and has been mocking me with his overly peppy theatre kid energy ever since. Go back to doing One Man, Two Gunvors, James.

You can check out Wolf Alice’s performance of ‘Smile’ down below. Blue Weekend is set for a June 4th release.