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Wolf Alice share stunning new video for 'Feeling Myself'


Newly minted alt-rock icons Wolf Alice have released a video for the Blue Weekend track ‘Feeling Myself’.

The video is the latest in the feature-length Blue Weekend film, directed by Jordan Hemmingway, which will bring to life each of the album’s eleven tracks. Appropriately, considering how ‘Feeling Myself’ is the album’s eighth track, the accompanying video is labelled ‘Volume VIII’.

“Made a video about what it feels like at 3am in the smoking area of mascara bar,” Rowsell wrote on Instagram to preview the cut.

The video itself shows Rowsell making her way in and out of a nightclub, out to the smoking area, and being accosted by two dancing figures, one punk and one who looks a bit like modern-day Morrissey. It’s moody and slightly surreal, just like the other videos in the film. As the song fades, the scene transitions into what inevitably will become ‘The Last Man on Earth’ video.

So far we’ve already seen the videos for ‘Smile’, ‘No Hard Feelings’, ‘The Beach’, ‘Safe From Heartbreak’, and ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ I’m enjoying the rollout of a new video every week or so: it keeps Blue Weekend, the album, fresh in people’s memories and has the added benefit of giving the band’s fans something to look forward to every ten days. It’s like waiting for new episodes of your favourite show to drop, except it’s dark and psychedelic rock music videos.

The full Blue Weekend film was screened last month in a gathering that also included a rare acoustic performance from Wolf Alice. Where or when the band will release the film to the general public is unknown: maybe the whole thing will just be pieced together on YouTube before summer’s over.

Check out the video for ‘Feeling Myself’ down below.