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(Credit: Jordan Hemingway)


Wolf Alice share thunderous new single 'Smile'

Wolf Alice - 'Smile'

Wolf Alice have unleashed their thunderous new single, ‘Smile’, as they continue to tease their third studio album.

The track is the latest from the Londoner’s since they returned earlier this year with ‘The Last Man On The Earth’. The menacing new single couldn’t be a further contrast from their previous effort, which predominantly featured Ellie Rowsell’s exposed vocals, backed only by a gentle piano.

Wolf Alice have always been a band who refuse to tie themselves down to just one sound, and their versatility has been a pivotal reason why they have captured so many hearts with their first two albums. Rowsell sounds like a different artist on this track compared to ‘The Last Man On Earth’, which hinted towards a more polished sound for Wolf Alice, yet with ‘Smile’, they’ve proved that they’re still the same four musicians who provided us with a devilish ‘Giant Peach’ in 2015.

Balancing these two sides to their collective personality is something that Wolf Alice have been doing since day dot, and ‘Smile’ shows that they don’t plan to diminish their untamed edge anytime soon. 

“It’s about people that make assumptions about you,” Rowsell told BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac about ‘Smile’. “This is one of the songs we wrote thinking that we would play it live,” she continued in a press release. “I miss that feeling of singing on stage. It’s like screaming into a pillow or something — you can get away with being more nasty. There’s a whole other part of me missing.”

The London band are gearing up to release the follow up to Mercury Prize-winning, A Visions Of Life, with their third album, Blue Weekend, set to arrive on June 11th via Dirty Hit.

Previously commenting on the record, Rowsell said: “This album is for other people. Sometimes you hear a song and it makes you feel better, or you hear a song and it makes you feel seen. I remember feeling blue about something, and thinking, ‘I wonder what songs I can listen to that will be about what I’m feeling right now’.”

As Rowsell suggests, if this album is for other people, then ‘Smile’ is for the fans and will be met with jubilation when Wolf Alice get back on stage where they belong. Blue Weekend is shaping up to be the most anticipated album of the year, and ‘Smile’ has only amplified the excitement.