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Wolf Alice - Bros / Fluffy


Wolf Alice are a London quartet that are currently confusing record shop owners with their diverse range of everything from grunge to folk and indie pop, single ‘Bros’ is falling under the latter.

The band take their name from Angela Carter’s novel about a coming of age story for young girls, which seems entirely fitting as Wolf Alice display the purest of innocence with the desire for guilt. The band formed by Ellie Roswell and Joff Oddie have been at times described as ‘grunge folk’ and with Roswell pulling the beauty from the melody and Oddie bringing the edge, Wolf Alice seem a fearsome foursome.

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‘Bros’ is a light hearted, summer filled song of dependence and trust while their other release ‘Fluffy’ is a spiky, punk inspired trip down memory lane, via Britpop and grrl rock. The diversity that Wolf Alice brings is clear with Roswell saying “I’m always a fan of bands who never write the same song twice.” I imagine they will create plenty more head scratching as people attempt to place them in a category.

As quintessentially English as this band may seem with Roswell’s innate ability to paint a hurtingly beautiful picture with her vocals and Oddie’s scarring guitar now backed by a fearful rhythm section, there’s part of me would like to see a bit more of this Wolf’s teeth, but with their superb range and uniformity, i’m sure we will.

Cya in Leeds!

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By Jack Whatley