(Credit: Arcade Fire)


Win Butler says Arcade Fire are recording a new album


Arcade Fire lead singer Win Butler has shared a number of teasers surrounding the band’s new material and now, taking to social media, he has confirmed a forthcoming full length album.

Taking to the band’s official Instagram page on what his Butler’s 40th birthday, the musician revealed a series of handwritten notes which confirms a brand new record.

“We had been exploring a lot of lyrical and musical themes that feel almost eerily related to what is happening now (we actually have a song called Age of Anxiety written a year ago for Christ’s sake – ha ha ),” he wrote. “Needless to say, the writing has intensified, and the work is flowing out… It is challenging as ever, and with just as much purpose,” he added.

Butler continued, stating: “Though this crisis may ultimately change or destroy aspects of the music industry, I believe it will only strengthen music as an art form. It has never felt more essential, spiritual and irreplaceable…a church that lives in the air between the source and your ears.”

See the full statement, below.