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(Credit: YouTube)


Watch Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp perform ‘Back In Black’ cover

Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox have continued the series of their oft-peculiar online Sunday Lunch videos, taking a stab at AC/DC’s legendary rock tune, ‘Back In Black’.

The video sees Fripp in a suitable, yet odd, Angus Young style get-up – complete with school blazer, shirt and tie – playing the track’s iconic opening guitar intro. Willcox, meanwhile, takes care of lead vocals whilst she flicks rubber bands at the camera, perhaps to complement Fripp’s schoolboy image.

In typical Willcox and Fripp fashion, the rendition ends in a strange and somewhat uncomfortable manner, in which Willcox is pouring a glass full of ice cubes down the King Crimson guitarist’s shirt, to which he responds, “Oh, that’s really horrid. Horrid.”

Willcox and Fripp started their online video series back in the initial Covid lockdowns of 2020. They have gone on to cover many famous artists’ songs, including Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’, Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’, Slipknot’s ‘Psychosocial’, Grace Jones’ ‘Slave To The Rhythm’, Foo Fighters’ ‘All My Life’ and Rammstein’s ‘Keine Lust’.

Their ‘Sunday Lunch’ sees the pair cover a different tune from the confines of their kitchen every Sunday. Willcox previously stated that Fripp had been withdrawing during the early pandemic lockdowns, having been unable to perform live. Sunday Lunch was an attempt to escape that entrapment.

“The response was so overwhelmingly positive,” Willcox said, “And now, six months down the line, he can see that it was quite an important thing to do, in that it became a shared experience with an audience that needed to be reminded of the beauty of human laughter.”

Fripp and Willcox have recently announced that they will be taking their Sunday Lunch out on the road, with shows being scheduled for a 2023 tour. Venues have yet to be announced.