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Will Smith explains having a hit song in high school


Will Smith stopped by Norton’s show this week to promote his latest Williams sisters-focus feature film, King Richard. During the chat, Smith is his vibrant and animated self, going through stories about The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with an affable charm that proves he’s still one of the biggest movie stars in the world.

It was discussing his first exploits in music as The Fresh Prince that Smith revealed he and his musical partner DJ Jazzy Jeff revealed that the duos first hit, ‘Girls Aint Nothing but Trouble’, was written while the two were still high school students in Philadelphia. “It was the single that came out in the last month that I was in high school,” Smith explains. “I was a senior and had a record out for probably about 30 days. That is too much power for one man to have.”

Smith also revealed that the song was played at his senior prom, but Smith explained that it wasn’t as cool as it might sound. “DJs think that’s cool, if you come and they put your song on. It just makes you look stupid because you can’t be like ‘Woo!’ And everyone’s looking at you!”

Word to the wise, next time you see Will Smith coming into your establishment, save the ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ needle drop for another time.

See Will Smith’s interview, below.