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(Credit: Wilco)


Wilco release new version of ‘Kamera’


Wilco have blessed fans with a previously unreleased version of the classic ‘Kamera’ which is lifted from their forthcoming 20th anniversary (yes, it is that old!) special edition release of the masterful Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

The band have dubbed the track ‘The Unified Theory of Everything Version’ which sounds like Elon Musk has remixed it. However, the actual song is worlds away from the futurist title. 

And there are plenty more alternative versions, rarities, demos and just about everything else in store with the record spread out over a whopping 11 vinyl LPs. 

The bumper box set revisits the classic new-folk record with 82 previously unreleased tracks making an appearance. If anything, that is a fine display of the little-acknowledged truth that it takes a whole lot of sweat to sound effortless. 

The album marked the band’s split from Reprise, and is often the case, they seemed determined to make their ex jealous of their new-found lease of life and produced an album that defined an era

The single is out now, and you can check out below. And if the idea of a ‘bumper and then some’ edition of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot tickles your pickle then the anniversary special will be released via Nonesuch on September 16th. 

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