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The reason why Stephen King hates Halloween so much

Stephen King is a name that needs no introduction, especially in the world of horror. Probably the most famous and recognisable author of horror fiction, King is a master at the top of his field who has produced several masterpieces over the course of an extensive career which has earned him the ominous title of ‘King of Horror’.

Although King is 74 now, he has maintained his artistic momentum by churning out new projects which have been received warmly by fans and audiences. The latest example of this is If It Bleeds, an anthology of unpublished novellas which came out last year and served as a reminder that Stephen King has still got it.

In a recent interview, King claimed that the ideas came to him with more momentum when he was younger: “I’ve gotten better in some ways, but you lose a little of the urgency. In my 40s, the ideas were like people jamming into a fire door to get out. There were so many ideas, and you couldn’t wait to get to the typewriter and the words would pour out.”

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He continued: “Nowadays, you’re almost feeling people are looking over your shoulder and they’re apt to be a little more critical. You slow down a little bit. I’m aware I’m getting older. You lose the blazing fastball and start to count more on your changeups and curves and be a little more careful and mix them up.”

Given King’s status in the world of horror, it is safe to say that his house is a bonafide tourist attraction during Halloween. In an interview with Conan, the author claimed that he used to love the celebrations earlier in his life when times were simpler but the rapid commercialisation of the event had a negative effect on his perception of Halloween.

“I hate Halloween,” King declared. “I loathe Halloween. If I could go to the gulag on Halloween, I probably would. We [used to] stay home and thousands of people would converge on the house and we gave out candy and everything else. We got to the point where we were actually thinking about bringing in fog machines and putting up fake gravestones and everything.”

King claimed that it was overwhelming to put on a persona during the holiday: “I’m kinda like ‘Hold on here a second, I am turning into the Halloween Santa Claus!’ Santa Claus isn’t real and I am, sort of.”

Watch the entire interview with Conan below which contains a lot of insightful takes from Stephen King.

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